Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy improves metabolism in an integral way, blood circulation and by transporting oxygen also increases the energy supply in inflamed areas.

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Ozone Therapy Clinic

The applications of therapeutic ozone are many, at Columna Medical Care we specialize in applications in joints and back, breaking the vicious cycle of pain and contracture, supporting the body to repair injuries without surgical interventions.
Come and consult with us and clarify your doubts, the solution to your problems is already very close to you.

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Medical Consultation

Meet professionals you can trust and make a definitive diagnosis, for a quick attention of your pathology.

Avoid Surgeries

We use non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, highly effective in pain management.

Physical Rehabilitation

Recover your physical fullness through physiotherapy treatments, osteopathy among other therapies.

Reduction of Drugs

With proper treatment and consequent pain eradication, it is possible to decrease and even suppress medications.

Information on Ozone for Medicinal use

Benefits of this Therapy

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How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone for medicinal use is an oxygen-ozone mixture, which is achieved by the passage of pure oxygen by a high voltage and high frequency electric shock. This chemical reaction, performed by a special electromedicine team, produces a gas with different concentrations of ozone, according to the pathology and treatment. The gas, when it comes into contact with the body, produces therapeutic chemical changes.

Oxygen-ozone when entering the blood reacts with unsaturated fatty acids turning them into ozónidos and then peroxides. Blood iron acts as catalytic. This reaction causes hemoglobin to release additional oxygen into the bloodstream, can be seen by the slight increase in blood pressure and the decrease in venous pressure. On the other hand, the increase of peroxides promotes cellular oxidation and strengthens the immune system. The oxygen-ozone gas mixture can be applied in multiple ways. Locally using a glass bell or a plastic bag according to the different parts of the body (leg, arm, etc.).

Beneficios de esta Terapia

Ozone cures because it improves metabolism in an integral way. On the one hand, blood circulation improves in the affected tissues. On the other, the transport of oxygen and, therefore the supply of energy to inflamed areas, is improved. And also the immune system is positively influenced or stimulated.

Ozone therapy is not an alternative medicine, but is considered a natural medicine. Based on all the knowledge required by the application of the gas, it implements ozone treatments regardless of the use of specific drugs or possible disregard of them. From this point of view, ozone therapy has no side consequences with other treatments. It does not compete, but is random to any other medical application.

Treatments are fast, effective and economical. And they consist of a number of sessions that vary in quantity and duration, depending on the condition being treated. Applications have no adverse effects.

Come, we know how to help you!

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Clínica de Medicina y Fisioterapia Especializada

En Columna Medical Care realizamos tratamientos no quirúrgicos para lesiones de columna vertebral y articulaciones. Somos especialistas en dolor de nervio ciático y hernia de disco, así como rehabilitación física para lesiones de rodilla, hombro y espalda. Siempre con un trato humano y personalizado.


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Atención al Cliente

Phone: +52 322 225 8563
Email: columnamedicalcare@live.com
Dirección: Milán 255B esq Francia, Col Versalles, Puerto Vallarta

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