Sciatic Nerve and Disk Hernias

We specialize in sciatic nerve pain and herniated disk. At Columna Medical Care we provide you with modern treatments for back, knee or shoulder pain, get your quality of life back, knee or shoulder pain back!

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Medical Treatment for Sciatic Nerve and Herniated Disk.

In Columna Medical Care, we have personalized treatments, we use therapeutic techniques appropriate to each individual case and always applied by professionals in the field. Our main goal is to control pain, regain mobility and force losses, decrease or eliminate drug intake as well as side effects that these can entail.

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Medical Consultation

Meet professionals you can trust and make a definitive diagnosis, for a quick attention of your pathology.

Avoid Surgeries

We use non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, highly effective in pain management.

Physical Rehabilitation

Recover your physical fullness through physiotherapy treatments, osteopathy among other therapies.

Reduction of Drugs

With proper treatment and consequent pain eradication, it is possible to decrease and even suppress medications.

Information on Back Pain and Sciatic Nerve

Origin, causes and symptoms of back pain caused by herniated disk and sciatica.


Sciatic Nerve - Origin of Pain

The source of sciatic nerve pain is due to nerve compression from either a nerve or a group of nerves, affecting the lower back, which is called lumbar radiculopathy.
The sciatic nerve goes from the sacrum running through the back and descends to each leg, and depending on the affected nerve root can cause pain in between, on the inside or outside of the leg, in some cases even to the toes.


Disk Hernia

Radiculopathy occurs when a nerve root is compressed by rupture of a disc, by bulging or herniated discs (it is the most common cause), by spondylolisthesis, bone spurs in the lumbar spine, vertebral tumors, among others. Accurate diagnosis is of great importance to treatment of this condition, since in some cases the treatment is surgical, but in the vast majority of people with adequate and professional treatment the surgery can be avoided by giving back to the patient their lost quality of life.

Causes of the condition:

• Sedentary
• Bad Posture
• Excess Weight
• Herniated Discs
• Poorly Prescribed Exercise
• Accidents.

Complicated symptoms:

• Pain
• Burning
• Numbness
• Muscle spasms (cramps)
• Tingling
• Weakness in Extremities.


Come, we know how to help you!

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Clínica de Medicina y Fisioterapia Especializada

En Columna Medical Care realizamos tratamientos no quirúrgicos para lesiones de columna vertebral y articulaciones. Somos especialistas en dolor de nervio ciático y hernia de disco, así como rehabilitación física para lesiones de rodilla, hombro y espalda. Siempre con un trato humano y personalizado.


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Phone: +52 322 225 8563
Dirección: Milán 255B esq Francia, Col Versalles, Puerto Vallarta

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