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Restoring body balance.

Osteopathy is a medical doctrine based on the normalization of body tissues, which seeks to restore normal conditions of the skeletal muscle apparatus, organs, viscera and sacro-cranial alterations. After the continuous mismatch to which they are subjected, with the activities of the daily road.

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Medical Consultation

Meet professionals you can trust and make a definitive diagnosis, for a quick attention of your pathology.

Avoid Surgeries

We use non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, highly effective in pain management.

Physical Rehabilitation

Recover your physical fullness through physiotherapy treatments, osteopathy among other therapies.

Reduction of Drugs

With proper treatment and consequent pain eradication, it is possible to decrease and even suppress medications.

Information on Osteopathic Medicine

Patient assessment, treating injuries and Osteopath principles.

Patient Rating

By a complete assessment of the patient's anatomy, we can determine the cause of the injury, so that it can be corrected from the source of their disorder. Ostepathy studies and gives importance to all even the smallest joint movements, since dysfunction due to lack or loss of mobility by one of them causes a disability in that joint and as a consequence the body creates its own compensatory adaptations thus creating adaptive injuries.
This restriction or loss of movement alters the function of this area, in turn creating an adaptation anywhere in the body in order to compensate for the previous restriction to avoid creating pain in that area.

Osteopatia Puerto Vallarta

Goal of Osteopathy

The goal of Osteopathy is to restore body harmony, determining that alteration of body structure alters the function of these structures and results in symptoms (pain, lack of movement, stress, tiredness). Osteopathic techniques include manipulations, stretching and massages that practiced with expert hands help correct dysfunctions and restore lost body balance. It is applied on an outpatient basis and from the first session there is an improvement. The session of Osteopathy is always individual, consists of a first part where the factual state is evaluated and a second time where the therapy proceeds, the techniques are always done respecting the patient's limit of pain.
Osteopathy has no age limits in its application, each person can improve by specific treatments depending on their needs.

What problems Osteopathy treats:

• Back injuries (cervical, lumbar, grips, hernias, contractures)
• Sports injuries (sprains, dislocations, muscle overloads)
• Muscle-skeletal pathology
• Vascular (varicose, tired legs) and lymphatic disorders.
• Gastrointestinal disorders (constipation, hemorrhoids, hernias)
• Cervical skull sphere disorders (headaches, migraines, vertigo, dizziness)

The principles on which it is based are:

• The structure governs the function, there is a close relationship between the two,pre an altered structure modifies the physiological function.
• In our body everything is related
• Self-healing, our body has in itself the means necessary to eliminate or fight the disease (neurovegetative or immune system) provided that these means are free to act.
• The law of the artery, if the tissues do not receive the necessary blood supply changes the cellular metabolism and the tissues are fragile, being weaker to internal and external agents.

Come, we know how to help you!

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Clínica de Medicina y Fisioterapia Especializada

En Columna Medical Care realizamos tratamientos no quirúrgicos para lesiones de columna vertebral y articulaciones. Somos especialistas en dolor de nervio ciático y hernia de disco, así como rehabilitación física para lesiones de rodilla, hombro y espalda. Siempre con un trato humano y personalizado.


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Phone: +52 322 225 8563
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Dirección: Milán 255B esq Francia, Col Versalles, Puerto Vallarta

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